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Friday, November 17, 2006

Saving my projects, for the next time they're in town.

Sometimes it’s great to have relatives who are a little “off.” Take my dad, for instance. He, my mom and my grandfather came to visit last weekend. My dad doesn’t like it when I plan a lot of things for them to do. He says he wants to just relax. His idea of relaxing???? Putting up all my pictures and mirrors that have been resting on the floor for over a year. (If I have to just put in a nail, I can hang up a picture…but dealing with those anchors…I avoid those). Hanging up all the towel racks and paper holders in the basement bathroom, and cleaning up the storage area of my basement. Then he told me that he wished he had enough time to clean out our garage. A little off…don’t ya think!!!!

Oh, and although I don’t think he believed this was relaxing, my dad fixed my sink/garbage disposal, that I had apparently clogged up with potato peelings (yet another reason why I shouldn’t cook).

My mom was wonderful keeping the kids busy. And she even took Max to music class, which was great since I had lost my voice being sick and could barely utter any sound, let alone a musical one. But she, and everyone else, spoiled Ella. She started this fake cry/scream anytime anyone would put her down. (She tried to continue with this technique after they left, but Sara and I weren't going for it, and she returned to her complacent self...most of the time)

This was the first time my grandfather was here, and the first time he had flown since 2000. Having no clue about the latest in travel security, he had a few issues at the airport. They took away his brand new tube of toothpaste…and his unopened bottle of Chaps cologne (coincidentally, I was the one who bought him that bottle for Christmas last year). Plus, they took his money clip, which had a little knife attached to it. Despite these annoyances, he made it here, and Cameron LOVED having someone to play the War card game with. (Not as much as I loved him having someone ELSE to play with) My grandfather had magical powers over him, as he was able to put him to sleep one afternoon while watching TV.

I had a great time having them here. We even went to a show (Triple Espresso) and a Polish lounge/restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. The place has been featured on Good Morning America, and it hasn’t changed in 40 years! There was even an old, old lady playing the piano and “singing”…I guess she’s the entertainment 6 nights a week. The bar area also had polka music. The place was PACKED…with the young and old. Especially when a group of college students part of a pub crawl crammed into the place. I feared trying to get my 80 year old Grandfather past all of those drunkards, but we managed to avoid the sardines by going out a back door. The food was really good. Not as good as my Grandmothers (who passed away a year ago), but still good. But the best part was…..I got carded…..TWICE! (It was obviously a little dark in there, hiding all my grays and “fine lines”).

I know it’s hard for my Pop-pop without my Mom-mom around. But I sure am glad that he was able to overcome his anxiousness and let my parents talk him into coming. The kids, and I, really enjoyed his company.


At 12:57 AM, Blogger mommyof3 said...

Di dyou check out Nye's? My husband loves that place, I have not been there in years, but it can be a blast--I am glad they had a great time!!

At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Cari, you wrapped up all my words and feelings of the week end so eloquently. Hopefully, next time it will be a little longer......can't wait for those retirement days.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Kimberly said...

My heart loves to hear of family connecting! It sounds like it was a memorable visit for all. What a blessing that your children can visit with that extended family. Looks like lots of love to be had there! :)

At 4:51 PM, Blogger mi said...

What a priceless set of memories your family made this weekend.

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Jill said...

How adorable are those shots of the little ones with PopPop? Poor guy had it rough at the airport! I had no idea.
PopPop was so cute after Jeffrey was born and he brought him his "first Trick-or-Treat". It was a mini-Milky Way wrapped with 2 dollars in a rubberband like MomMom used to do! I cried of course!


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