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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I just found a roll of film lying around. When I had it developed, I found pictures from December. I have another one I need to find, too. But until then, I'll post what I have. My month of December was filled with company, starting with my permanent company Ella. Although sometimes it seemed hectic, it was nice having people around. Even though I love living in Minnesota (minus the long, cold winter), it would be much better if we had some family around. Our December visitors each added their own flair to our life.
Thanks to my mother-in-law for playing with the boys, holding a crying Ella, putting together the toys, and helping me "dish" (I went to Let's Dish tonight...it was no fun without you).

Thanks to my sister Dana for watching the kids so much and (as Cameron would say) "being in charge," for sisterly conversations, making sure my treadmill still worked, and always making sure we had a fresh pot of coffee (that was the best!).

Thanks to my niece Chelsea (who will hate me for posting the above picture) for letting the boys torture you so much.....better you than me. Thanks to my brother Scott for getting good use out of our new theatre, for not complaining to my face about the capitalism and gender stereotypes in my home (I did read about it on your blog) and for the yummy, yummy, yummy vegan oatmeal cookies.

I miss you all.


At 5:48 AM, Anonymous dana said...

Cari......Chelsea would kill you, but I am sure that she deserves it anyway!! Love ya, Dana

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Cari said...

with typical adolescent ambivalence, when i told her about the pic, she responded with, "i don't care; it's not like my friends are going to see it."

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my livejournal comments about capitalism and gender were more cultural observations rather than personal complaints. if i really had such a problem with your house do you think i would have spent most of my time sucking up the theater?

anyways, did you ever get the photo developed with me and ella? i'd like to see it/have a copy.

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Cari said...

Hey Scott!
I've been meaning to call you. Just keep forgetting. I didn't even know you read my blog. I actually plan on blogging about calling people...or more why I don't. Anyhow, I some of the pics. Like I said, I lost one of the rolls. But I do have a few of you and the Ellas (as Cam calls her). So I'll send it along sometime this week or next. Very busy week, going to Detroit this weekend.

Also, what happened to your blog?

AND, what's going on with the coffee shop?

AND, do you have an e-mail?

AND, I saw a blog you might be interested in...
The lunches look so yummy.

So I'll try to give you a call this week in case you don't read this.
Oh, and I didn't take offense to your comments. You're right, you weren't complaining...you were just making observations. I wasn't offended or anything.

AND, How's Gwen?

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea, i read your blog at least every other day. it helps me find pictures of the fam to show gwen.

you can't call me right now as my phone account is temporarily closed...they haven't received my bill payment yet. so you can contact me at my email for now -


other than that. i quit my blog (and my job). i forget why..i think i was just tired of doing it. i think gwen and i are going to start a zine together in place of blogging. for me anyways.

and i found out an hour ago that i got rejected for a loan. so there went a full months worth of work and worry. got 40,000 dollars you want to get rid of? i hate capitalism even more when i give in and try to play the game, but get shut down before i can even start. anyways,

and gwen is good. we're talking about visiting mom and dad sometime and probably her parents too up in rhode island.

so that's about it for now. send those pictures my way. i'd like to see em. talk to you soon.



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