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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Home Sweet Home

We finally made it back to Minnesota last night. Somehow I survived the trip home, although it was interesting how many people around us, in the airport and on the airplane, conveniently moved themselves away from my 7 month pregnant self and my sick 15 month old and bored 4 year old. Even on the airplane, the lady next to me who had the aisle seat, managed to find a middle seat to occupy instead of the one next to Max and I. That was perfectly fine with me...gave me more room and I felt less stressed. I only had to worry about Max kicking the seat in front of us, and no longer was concerned about him kicking the lady next to us. I have no problem with people who move away from me. I do have a problem with people who comment, "Boy, you have your hands full." Really? Wow, glad you pointed that out to me.

At one point, when we were waiting in the hot airport, with my 2 very tired children, one with a stinking diaper, I lugged everyone and our stuff into the bathroom for a diaper change, only to discover that there was no changing table. I almost broke down and cried. That's what I REALLY wanted to do. But what good would that have done? So I dragged everything and everyone into the last handicapped stall, and somehow managed to change Max's diaper while he was standing up, both kids putting their hands all over everything they shouldn't have their hands on in the bathroom. But like I said, we survived, and made it home safely.

Now I knew Cameron would have a bit of an adjustment when we came home. After all, he spent the past 2 weeks watching TV and playing on the computer for way too many hours in the day. With no school to attend in NJ, our routine was definitely altered, and yet, I still had a need for some "alone time" to do my homework for my grad class. Mixed with having Max sick and the few days where there was constant rain, the computer and TV were really the only options I gave him. Of course, he didn't complain.

So today, of course, he only wanted to watch TV. Absolutely not! I told him. Why not? was his reply. I finally made him go outside with his dad to help him plant some bushes, while Max napped and I did finished up some homework. After an hour or so, he was back inside.

"Daddy told me to come inside and watch TV," he proclaimed.
"Oh, he did? Now why would he do that?"I asked.
"I don't know," he answered.
"Cameron, why did he tell you to come inside to watch TV?" I persisted.
"Oh, probably so I wouldn't bother him anymore," he responded, "Now can I watch Dragontales?"

And so my four year old son is learning the ways of the world. Irritate someone long enough, and you might just get your way after all.


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