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Friday, September 16, 2005

Tying Times

I need to announce to everyone that Cameron can now tie his own shoes. It's quite peculiar really...I'm not sure how he figured it out. Some LONG time ago last year, I purchased a "tying book" from the book order, and Cameron and I spent a couple days trying to learn how to tie. He couldn't quite get it, and we basically lost interest and abandoned the book. However, the other day, he put on his soccer shoes and tied them. No, not the kid way, where you make 2 bunny ear loops and such, but the "adult way" (as he refers to it). I didn't believe him when he told me that he tied his shoe. But he really did, and the clincher was that his shoe stayed tied throughout the entire soccer game. I honestly have no idea where this shoe-tying ability came from.

Now the problem is, about a week prior to this new skill, I purchased him new shoes. These great hot wheels shoes that light up around a wheel when he walks (he thinks they make him go faster). But not wanting to deal with the laces, I bought shoes with zippers! Well, now that he knows how to tie his shoes, and is quite proud of his ability, he only wants tie shoes. EVERY DAY, he asks if he can wear his SOCCER CLEATS, merely so he can tie his shoes. EVERYDAY I must explain to him why he can't wear them, and that he is stuck with his zipper shoes until he outgrows them.

He whines a little, but relents, until the next day, when he tries out the soccer shoe idea, once again.

On a different note, my boys have been quite good lately. Not sure what's in the water, but Max has been sitting in his high chair and eating, not throwing his food, but handing it to me when he's all done. Although he still wants my attention, he's doing a little better at playing "around me" while I'm cleaning or hanging pictures or whatever, instead of insisting that I hold him, or play with him. He even sat in the cart at Target for a good 15 minutes (but then insisted that I hold him).

This evening, out of the blue, Cameron pulled down their "lion chair" from Max's room into the living room and two bins of his books and set up a "reading" corner for Max. (Not that Max would sit and "read" books but the thought was lovely). They spent a lot of time wrestling and hugging each other tonight. Cameron was even helping Max brush his teeth tonight. "Say cheese," he kept insisting, as Max just looked at him like he was crazy. I couldn't ask for more loving brothers.


At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

I had a flash back after reading this eventful milestone. Cari learning how to tie her shoes at our house in Turnersville. I remember your determination and tying the "adult" way also. He must take after his Mom. Luv to hear about your everyday happenings.


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