Writings of a teachermom, choosing to stay home with her kids, while loathing all domestic responsibilities! In late Aug. 2008, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer. After surgery, chemo and radiation, I was given theall clear. However, in the late summer of 2008, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which metasticized to other areas.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots of walking

I haven't had much energy lately. Just walking up the stairs has been taking all my effort. Ridiculous really. And I have this fear, huge fear, that in a few weeks, unless the radiation starts doing something productive, I won't be able to walk at all. With this new tingling in my right foot, I'm very fearful. I'll be talking to the radiation oncologist about this tomorrow.

So today, after radiation, when I actually felt okay, loaded up with a Caribou Caramel Highrise, I actually went for a walk. Just around the large block in my neighborhood...maybe took 20 minutes. Not far...but the furthest I've walked in awhile, so I'm glad I did it. I'm a little unsteady on my feet, but I managed not to trip or anything.

But my walking was NOTHING compared to the serious walking, and money raising, some people I've been aquainted with have been doing to help fight breast cancer. Below are some pictures of these amazing women and men who really pushed themselves physically, emotionally and financially. I know each person had to raise over a couple thousand dollars just to participate. Many raised more than that.

Below, second to the left, is a lady named Dana. She found me through a blog. I do believe she lives in Toronto...where they have a 2 day walk to fight breast cancer. Her team was called Viva La Cure, and they raised LOTS of mula! When Dana was pregnant with her daughter Bella, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Can you imagine that! Bella, Dana and her husband are doing well. Dana always makes me laugh in her messages to me. To help me get through my last MRI, she wrote out the lyrics to Run-DMC's "You Be Illin" Remember that from the 80s! I had to download it from iTunes. Very fun to dance around to! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Next is Shannon and Jeff. I haven't met either of them, but Shannon works at the same hospital as my husband. She's written me a few encouraging messages and told me that she was doing this walk for me...and others I'm sure! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a picture of someone else I've never met. To the left is Jodie Wilson. Last year she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (same as mine) when she was in her young twenties. I found her blog via the Detroit News. I think I was about 2 weeks ahead of her in her treatment, so it was interesting and helpful to me to be going through the same experience.


Lastly, on the left, is someone I met when I first was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was sitting in the plastic surgeon's office for my initial consultation. Beth started talking to me when she saw the breast cancer booklet I was reading and the look of complete fear and confusion on my face. Beth had just had her mastectomy and was starting reconstruction...which later got infected...but all is back together now. She has 3 young boys and actually lives in the neighborhood next to mine. She was very funny in her caringbridge site and also connected me to some other people going through breast cancer.

Heidi Sue is another person I've never met, but she works with my husband. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2006. Heidi did the walk with 9 other friends and family members this year. You can check out their amazing experience here.

I hope I didn't forget anyone who sent me pictures. If I did, please send them again so I can give you your props!


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At 6:22 AM, Blogger jkhenson said...

Your photos gave me goosebumps; so many people working for a cause. It's amazing. Glad you could get some of the autumn air and enjoy a walk yesterday! :)

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Jodie said...

Have you heard about the Gal to Gal Foundation. I just found out about it and blogged about it. It is a virtual walk for women in Stage IV breast cancer. If you decide to great a walker, look me up. I would love to walk with you.

Jodie Wilson

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Jodie said...

I mean create a walker on the site not "great a walker." Sorry


At 3:49 PM, Blogger unzen said...

WOW I have tears for all these great people that walked for Breast Cancer. I loved that picture videio with the song. All I can say is WOW!!!! I feel like i need to do this next year. I know a lot of girls from labor and deliver at United walked. Thanks for the update on you. I think of you a lot and pray daily for you to heal. I hope the Doctor can get you some answers to why your legs are getting numb. God bless you and you family.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger YoMomma203 said...

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At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the doctors find and fix your numbness soon. I am so glad you walked around the block. I know exercise is super important to you.

I love the pictures of all those awesome ladies walking and running for the cause. Very awesome.


At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have met many wonderful people along this difficult journey. They have inspired you, and now you others...

You and your family are in our prayers constantly. Praying for better news soon.

Take care,
The Adairs


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