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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The unwrapping

Christmas morning is always fun when you have a household of kids. They each approached their wrapped mountain in a different way.

Cameron tried to begin his day at 12:30 AM. Melvin and I were still both up doing the usual last minute gift wrapping and toy assembly. All the lights were on, so Cameron assumed it was morning. He came bounding down the stairs, “Merry Christmas guys!” We quickly sent him back up. At about 6:30 AM he came to our room and woke us up for the day. Cameron took awhile to open his presents because he wanted to see what his brother and sister were getting as well, and with each present that he opened, he would express such excitement and tell us how much he wanted it.

Ella didn’t run right to her pile, but when given a gift, she joyfully ripped open the paper. Then she would immediately hand me the opened gift and whine, “Open it! Open it!” because she wanted to play with whatever was inside immediately.

Max was very interested in the opening of the presents, but not the presents themselves. In about five minutes he was done with his heap of gifts and then kept saying, “I want more presents! I want more presents!”

The rest of the day involved playing video games on Cameron’s part and playing with all of Ella’s toys on Max and Ella’s part. Max’s pile remained fairly untouched. I’m working on putting the SmartCycle together.,…but I’m not sure if I’m smart enough (ha ha).

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At 7:57 AM, Blogger Fantastic Four said...

Felicity approached her gifts the same way Ella did! Ripped open the paper and wanted everything opened and out of the box to be played with! I feel your pain on the game system issue! On a brighter note, you can use it in your favor to get help out of Cameron. My kids have to "earn" time to play the game systems by shoveling the driveway, taking out the trash, taking out the recycling, putting their clean laundry away into the right drawers... One game you do have to get is Guitar Hero- YOU will like it!


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