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Monday, December 24, 2007

A wet time

We're home from the Dells. Thankfully, my pain was not as bad as it had been on Thursday and Friday. And my husband was really great with taking care of the kids and going on all the water slides with Cameron, when I just wasn't comfortable enough to myself. (It really took all my effort to put on the bathing suit...and I basically wore a cover up and carried around a towel most of the time. The whole fake boob thing was just too weird and I was worried that I looked lopsided the entire time!)

The kids absolutely loved spending time in the indoor water park. This was Cameron's first time when he wasn't afraid of all the big slides. And although Max was too afraid to go down any slides, he loved hanging out in the hot tub with me. If you just mentioned the word "swimming" to Ella, she would get so excited, she could hardly contain herself, speaking in some crazy tongues so it seemed the whole walk down the halls to the park. When we told her that we were getting ready to go, she would rush to get her shoes on, grab my hand and pull me, saying, "Come on Mommy! Swimming." And she didn't care that her snowboots weren't really the proper footwear for the occasion.

Despite all the time they spent in the water, the only picture I can show for it is this one:

It was impossible to take any pictures in the actual park because Ella just kept taking off to wherever she wanted to go, with no concern as whether I was with her or not.

I also had a really great picture of my husband sleeping, to demonstrate how exhausted he was after literally spending almost the entire day with the kids at the park on Saturday, but he told me that I am NOT allowed to post it. And since he was such a good sport with the kids, I must respect his wishes.

Overall, it was a good time. It was especially great that because we were indoors the entire trip, we missed the snowstorm that blanketed the area. And when we came home, our neighbors across the street had shoveled our snow. Now how wonderful is that!

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At 11:26 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

Glad to hear you had a fun time. Merry Christmas!


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