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Monday, July 23, 2007

HP Update

Barnes and Noble fooled me, and instead of getting my Harry Potter CDs to me on the 21st, they merely sent them out on the 21st…with the intention of getting it to me by the 23rd. I was pissed, and apparently I wasn’t the only one. Because as I wrote my e-mail of complaint about the fact that I was deceived, the company responded with a generic e-mail explaining to me that they couldn’t respond to me in a timely manner due to the high volume of inquiries about Harry Potter orders.

So I went right out and bought the book. By the time I got home from the boardwalk and put the kids to bed, it was after 10:30. I was able to read 13 whole pages before my eyelids refused to stay open. Then the next day, as I glanced around the beach seeing everyone reading their copy, I had to spend my time making sure my kids didn’t drown, or get lost, or run on top of someone else’s blanket with their sandy feet. So Harry had to wait. At night, after the tantrums I wrote about yesterday, due to some very late and long naps, Max and Ella were awake until 12:30 at night! Needless to say, I only got a few more pages read…I think I’ve finished two whole chapters!

But today the CDs arrived…and as I write, I’m downloading the chapters onto my iPod. Hopefully this new medium, that I can use as I run and on car trips, will help me finish the novel sometime before this year is up!

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At 9:16 AM, Blogger Ann said...

Harry Potter books on the CDs ... wish I had known, I have been rereading the earlier books to make sure I was current (but that takes time - something I don't have).

Either way, given up rereading and will begin the new kid tonight!

Happy reading.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger wiferhood said...

NyCee was up until approximately 1:45am. I don't know what is going on. She had her nap at the normal time. Maybe the kids are conspiring against us. Yours so that you cannot read HP and mine so that I can't not write my research paper at a decent hour of the day.

Enjoy the book!


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