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Sunday, May 14, 2006

A child's perspective

Cameron made a Mother's Day Scrapbook for me at school. Here's what it said:

Best things about Mom...She drives me places.
(I wish I was appreciated for more than my taxiing abilities...but I guess it's good to know he's grateful).

What Mom thinks is fun... Reading books with me!
(This is true, although I do wish he willingly would want to read with me for more reasons than just to prolong his bedtime.)

Mom likes to wear...Dresses
(Oh yes, because I ALWAYS dress up to take him to school, to buy groceries, to run around the park. He must be mistaking me for some Stepford Wife.)

Things Mom likes best...Flowers
(I do like flowers...preferably not the dandelions he's been bringing me. But to say I like flowers best? That's stretching it. What I like best is an uninterrupted night's sleep, a nice glass of wine, a relaxing day on a Caribbean Island with my husband, cooperative children)

Mom always says..."Maybe later."
(I'm sure some therapist will highlight the implications of this later in his life).

Being a Mom means...they love you!
(With all my heart, mind and soul)

Happy Mother's Day to all those brave, loving, dedicated mother's of this world.


At 9:46 AM, Anonymous dana said...


Chelsea asked me what I wanted for MOthers Day and i told her that I like getting gift certificates to Dunkin Donuts....she gave me 5.00 of her own money....it touched my heart...especially coming from a teenager. Love, Dana

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Jaye said...

It's so worth it when they get older!
Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!
My girls, along with an "adopted" daughter (for the day) and Richard (Nia's hubby) made brunch for me and for Rich's mom - it was wonderful! Keiko bought me a chocolate-dipped strawberry "bouquet", and a trip to Atlantic City to see Etta James & Susan Tedeschi (we're staying overnight! woo hoo!! AND friends are going!!). It's not even the gifts (though they WERE great!), but the heart behind it, knowing you are loved and so very appreciated - you'll forget the crazy days when they were younger (or look back at them and laugh), when you see what wonderful young people they grow up to be (Nia, Keiko, Richard, Chelsea, etc.). It's humbling...

At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

My Mother's day ended with the warm fuzzy thoughts and feelings of being remembered. When we got home from church there were two phone messages waiting for me. (Did someone call Scott and tell him it was Mother's Day???? or does the role of fatherhood start putting these kind of dates in his memory bank????) Thank you Dana and Chelsea for staying over.......and playing Trivial Pursuit instead of heading for the TV/Computer room. Thank you Tom for treating us to a wonderful seafood brunch. It's often hard for me to be around the extended family as their children living close by gather together during these times. My feelings of missing my whole family together reaches its peak and some sadness kicks in. It is a rarity that all three kids, let along their families, come together. But thank God for phone service, email, blogs and air planes. I hope you all know I really enjoyed being a Mom.


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