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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bad Words

Cameron had a friend over today....a little boy whose mother is British, so he takes on many of her speech habits. It's very cute to hear a little boy sound so proper.

I overheard him and Cameron talking. Not sure what prompted the initial topic, but here's how the conversation progressed:

"Oh yeah, well one time I heard my dad say a really bad word," Cameron whispered. My ears perked up and I thought of a blog I read recently from Savvy Mom, whose son said the F-word at daycare.

"What did he say?" Ben asked with eager anticipation.

Cameron responded very quietly, as if he himself would be in trouble for saying such a word. "I heard him say 'stupid'"

"Oh no!" Ben replied. "Why did he say that?"

"I don't remember, but it was really bad."

And yet on the way home, they tried to out do each other's made-up stories....all of which dealt with someone ending up in the toilet and people not knowing they were in there, and then someone coming along and pooped on them, and then the person kept saying Oh no! Oh no! But the poop plopped right on his head.....etc. etc.

As the boys cracked up at each other's stories, between giggles they would ask me, "Wasn't that funny?"

It took all of my strength to stop myself from telling them that No, their stories weren't funny, they were STUPID!!!!!

I certainly didn't want Ben going home telling his Mom that Cameron's Dad AND Mom say really bad words.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Just Me said...

Hi Cari,
Cute story! Did you register for the workshop yet?
Aunt Sylvia

At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...fascinating! I came to this beautiful blog following the blogging rhythm, read the first words and found myself indulged between your letters.

I miss that time when this word is really really bad.



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