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Monday, April 24, 2006

Orlando Magic

I think Europeans really know what they’re doing when they take these 2 and 3 week “holidays.” We just spent an entire week in Orlando and we didn’t get to do even half of what we wanted to do. We did do a lot, however. Went to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Wet N Wild Waterpark, Sea World, and Animal Kingdom. Except for a couple days of sleep deprived crankiness combined with a few downpours, the kids were generally good and excited about the entire experience.

We had some “babysitters” with us (Melvin’s 15 year old Godson Carlos for the whole week and my mom for the last few days). But even so, Melvin and I didn’t get the opportunity to hang out at Disney’s Pleasure Island (like we always said we’d do if we had someone to watch the kids) or do other kidless activities that we had hoped to do. Honestly, by the end of the day at the parks, we were just too exhausted to go anywhere. It was nice, however, to be together as a family for such an extended period of time, and we did get some alone time in the pool and Jacuzzi after the kids were in bed at the rental house where we stayed.


One day we were eating at a café in Universal Studios, Carlos, not interested at all in hanging out with us while we did all the kiddie things, finished his food, made arrangements for contacting us later, stood up and said, “I’m out.” Then walked away.

Don’t you know, our little 4 year old, immediately, pushed his plate away, stood up and without missing a beat, also stated, “I’m out,” and also just walked away.

Melvin and I did a double take. My husband immediately yelled for him to come back. “What did you say?” he asked in disbelief.

“I’m out,” Cameron responded again matter-of-factly, and proceeded again to walk away.

Melvin and I just started cracking up, and packed up our things to follow our little independent 4 year old. I had a glimpse into the future of what our teenage years with Cameron are going to be like.
Max LOVES animals. He goes ballistic with screams of joy whenever he sees any kind of creature. He had a blast at Sea World seeing all the fish, dolphins, sea lions, etc. At Animal Kingdom, he was too tired and crabby to enjoy most of it. But after he finally did wake up from a forced nap in the stroller, he was able to thoroughly enjoy the petting barn. He had so much fun running up to all the patient goats and sheep, petting them, hugging them, trying to kiss them. Finally I just had to scoop him up to carry him out. However, every time we neared the exit, he’d see another animal he hadn’t touched yet, scream, “NICE!” and wriggle out of my arms to pet it. (He seems to think that “nice” means to pet on the head. This I assume he has concluded because ever since Ella was born, whenever Max would reach to touch Ella on the head, we’d respond by telling him to “be nice.”). We went through this routine of scooping and wriggling several times before I was finally able to distract him with the sinks to wash his hands, (something else my little monster enjoys doing). And when he wasn’t distracted with animals and water, he was in my mother’s arms, who he seemed to be glued to since the moment we picked her up from the airport.

Ella was easy as always. She only cried when she was hungry or tired, but most of the time she was smiley and laid back as could be. I got to dress her in some of her new summer clothes, and she looked absolutely adorable. She also loved getting to spend time with her daddy, and she just always seemed so content in his arms.

Our time in upper 80s, low 90 degree weather was way too short. I definitely could have used another week. But I’m so thankful that we had the time that we did together. And having my mom there for a few days was such a blessing.

Now our 3 ½ hour plane ride home with two “lap children” was an event. And getting in after midnight was definitely not fun. But the worst part was when we finally lugged all the cranky kids and million bags into the car, and my husband turned the key….the car wouldn’t start. One of the kids had turned on the light above his seat, and it had been left on all week. After some searching around and a brief explanation by one employee as to why I should get AAA, we finally found a nice guy to jump us. And home we went.

I'll post more pictures throughout the week.


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Ms. Ashford, I couldn't find the email adress you said you check frequently,so I thought maybe I could get ahold of you here. I have a track meet at Mounds Park tomorrow at 4:30. I know it's really short notice, but I thought I'd just let you know : )


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