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Monday, January 30, 2006

A ring leader

My Angel left me this weekend. I was so fortunate to have my mom stay with us for the month of January. She was a Godsend..helping out like only a mother could. She did my laundry, organized drawers, got up with the kids, took them to school, etc. And the best part was, I didn't have to ask her to do anything. She just intuitively knew what I needed. And being the sort of person who doesn't like to ask for help, even when I really need it, she was just what the "doctor" ordered. And even though I'm sure she was tempted, she never lectured me about needing to bundle my kids up better, or give Cameron some slack or provide more vegetables. She just knew that I didn't need the extra stress. She was great to talk with, never judgemental and was more than willing to occupy the kids while I snuck in a nap. We are truly sad to see her go. My husband even asked if we could pay my dad to let her stay!!!

So this morning was my first "opportunity" to try to get myself and all 3 kids ready and out of the house by 8 AM. Juggling it all was certainly a circus.

Here are some of the highlights:
-- Max decided that 5:30 AM was a good time to wake up.
-- While I was getting Cameron's breakfast, Max was upstairs in my room, rubbing my concealer tube all over his forehead (I have no digital camera since my mom is gone, or else I'd have a picture here).
-- While I was changing Ella, Max was in my bathroom, dumping a box of tampons all over the floor and playing with them.
-- When I was upstairs finding socks for myself, while nursing Ella, Max was in the downstairs bathroom, washing his cereal bowl in the toilet.

Good thing Ella has no idea what's going on, Cameron can basically fend for himself, and Max has a giant smile with giant eyes that make me melt, granting him mercy for all of his shinnanigans!!!

One thing I did discover this morning:

To save time, you can use the toilet and a blow dryer at the same time.

Mom, please come back!!!


At 4:43 AM, Anonymous Dana said...


Lots of praises and thankfullness for Mom. I bet it was so nice to have her around and to have an extra hand to use.....that Max!! He is going to be your "fun" one!!

Love you, Dana

At 5:38 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Thank you for all your kind words....having this time with all of you was such a wonderful gift I will always cherish. My heart was warmed each day by seeing how kind, respectful, humorus and dedicated you and Melvin are to each other and your children.


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