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Monday, October 02, 2006

Warning: Rated R for Obscenities and Explicit Sexual References

Since it was 80+ degrees today, I decided to take advantage of this oddly warm October day in Minnesota by reading some research articles for my grad class outside on my patio. There were some guys working on a deck next door to us. Although they could not see me from where I was sitting, I could certainly hear them. Below are some quotes I overheard.

“Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!” (Actually I heard this term a lot, and considering these are the same men who are building our screened in porch, I’m a little concerned with the number of mishaps that were prompting this constant response!)

“Oh yeah! Suck it baby!”

“I’m playing with my wood!”

“I just let out a huge fart!” (This is something Cameron would say. I was hopeful in thinking this was just a little boy thing to get excited about. I didn’t realize it prompted such big boy enthusiasm as well).

I was actually only outside for about 40 minutes, and only heard bits and pieces of their interactions between loud machines and occasional concentration on my reading. I can only imagine what the rest of their “conversations” were like.

One of the guys working, who I’ve talked with on occasion about our own deck, always seems so kind and considerate in our conversations. Must be something about the presence of a woman that makes men……civilized.

The Bible says that God created Eve to keep Adam company. I think I’ve discovered the real reason.


At 7:40 AM, Blogger IrishMommy said...

That made my day! When my neigbor was getting his new roof I had to close all the windows because of all the contruction language and heavy metal music drifting into my sweet little boys windows. When we did our roof weeks later, our roofers were hispanic and I don't know many spanish curses -- so that made a huge diffence.

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i won't even BEGIN to list the conversations i've heard/ignored at my new job. you have NO clue as to the offensiveness and stunted perspectives of these culturally insular morons. let me just say this though, at least one, probably two, of my co-workers are card carrying klan members.



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