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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Too Two

Over our vacation, on July 10th, Max turned two. While doing grocery shopping, I sent my husband to order him a cake. I figured he’d pick out a Dora, or Diego, or Teletubbies style. Instead, he ordered this one. “Did you order one for you or for Max?” I asked him. “What? It has fruit on top. Kids like fruit.” Yeah, okay. It was mighty good, though. And Max was more interested in eating the strawberries on top than the actual cake.

Two is such an interesting age. The “terrible” part certainly has surfaced. Now when I tell him to do something, like brush his teeth, or put on his PJs, he screams NO at the top of his lungs, over and over, as he runs around and tries to “hide.” He seems to think that if his eyes are hidden, then I can’t see him. Also, I’ve been using the Timeout method more and more, since he actually will now sit in the corner. Except he sits there and seems to be enjoying himself humming away, just waiting to be released. When I come over and tell him to look at me, he closes his eyes. It’s at this point when I must physically sit on my hands for fear what I might do with them!

Along with the terrible two, is a terrific two. He is talking up a storm, repeating everything I say. (Which is why I never swear around my children). He’s like a little echo walking behind me. And he’s also been entertaining himself more lately. The past few days he has been playing “cook” and “bartender” with all of my unbreakable dishes low enough for him to steal from the kitchen cabinets.
And he also sings. Quite loud sometimes. And dances. And runs around like a chicken with his head cut off screaming bloody murder just because he thinks it’s fun.

The other night when doing the bedtime struggle, he said, “Mommy!” “What?” I responded in frustration. “I love you.” My heart melted. “I love you, too.” Silence. “Mommy!” “What Max?” “ I love you.” “Love you, too.” Silence. “Mommy!” …etc. etc. about 10 more times!!!

I love him to death, but sometimes I wish they had boarding preschools!


At 8:07 AM, Blogger Dayna said...

He is too cute though you must admit. Or maybe he is just too cute to me because I am reading of his antics from afar. You seem to have the skill and patience to handle it. If NyCee pulled half the stunts that Little Max did, I would put a stamp on her forehead and mail her to the PH with her Ti-Ti Boonie!

At 1:51 PM, Blogger IrishMommy said...

Max and Mitchell -- two in trouble! I just find myself totally exhausted by the end of the day! How do you do it? Oh, wine helps ease the pain and suffering. I glad to see you finally put up a post again. Laurie & I missed you at Battle Creek today.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger LH said...

Playing bartender...that really made me laugh. Happy Birthday to Max.


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