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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The weight of 3

A few people have told me that going from 1 kid to 2 kids is hard, but going from 2 to 3 is easy.

Well, they lied!!!! Or maybe it's because my #2 and #3 child are only 17 months apart. Or maybe because they don't have a #2 child like my #2 child.

Anyone who who has been around my family knows that Max is a handful. Cameron was, too, at his age, but eventually he stopped destroying everything, crying about everything, putting everything in the toilet, and he turned out to be a pretty smart kid. This horrible phase lasted from about 1 to about 2 1/2.

Max is now just starting this phase. Mornings are especially hard. Luckily, Cameron can hold his own. But as I'm trying to nurse Ella, Max is standing in his highchair, throwing his bowl of cereal, or pulling off each arm of his coat, just as I put it on, or insisting that I hold him when I need to get Ella into her carseat, or dumping out his box of legos that I just cleaned up, or pulling out the puzzles and emptying them all over the family room, or throwing (and breaking) the Christmas ornaments that he pulled off the tree. So I figure I have a year of this.

Thank goodness Ella has been a very calm baby...not crying that much, sleeping a lot, being pretty complacent. My first two always wanted to be held, always wanted to be nursed, always wanted my attention.

Max is pretty good with Ella most of the time. He loves to just run over to her, put his head against hers, and then run off and do whatever destructive thing he had in mind. But he just had to have his "Ella-fix" first.

The other day, however, he insisted I hold him, as I was also needing to hold Ella. So I had her in one arm, and Max on the other hip. Cameron, realizing that I had no hands left for him, but still wanting in on the action, got a really big grin on his face. "Hey Mommy! Can I get on your back?"

I just had to laugh, and politely tell him no. But the image still remains, as sometimes the "weight" of all 3 of them can get pretty heavy. . Exhausting and tiring are my little munchkins, but they each have their moments that make it all worth it.


At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just remember that the Lord will never give you more than you can handle. In fact he is sending an angel to help for a month.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Rosalyn said...

Hi Cari, I finally found you again. The baby is gorgeous, a real doll. I played catch-up with all of your other postings, you are hilarious, and contrary to what you think you are very domestic, so how about "under protest". I never made the domestic adjustment, I despise housework, but like you I adored my kids. You manage very well in my opinion. I never could have found the time to do all that you do. Kiss the children for me and a great big hug to you and Melvin. Great job !
Love, love, love and miss you all.
Granny ( Rosalyn )

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though the moments seem at times to be grueling, they are so very fleeting. Very soon, instead of fighting over toys, the kids will be fighting over who will get the car. Another sobering thought - Ella will have TWO sets of brothers' friends to check out in her teen years (yeah, I went there!). But, she will also have two older brothers to protect her! Then, before you know it, you're the Mother of the groom(s) and the bride.... It's quite unbelieveable how quickly the time flies - cherish every moment - well, almost - I could NEVER get with the vomiting and disgusting stuff! Other than that, the little hugs, wanting to sit on mommy's lap, etc., is so precious. Plus, it's a lot easier now that they're small - when they're bigger than you and want to sit on your lap, THAT's when you're in trouble!! Hahahaha! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jaye (a.k.a. - been there, but wouldn't mind doing it one last time....)


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