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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Como Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo. I'm not particularly a fan of the Como Zoo, as I believe that for the most part, it's in complete disrepair, and there is very little space for the animals to live and roam. But I had visitors and was looking for something quick and fairly inexpensive to do with them. (I know that's not a good excuse for supporting a slightly run-down institution...but maybe my small voluntary donation will make things better for the animals there).

As we were walking up to the Gorilla area, Cameron just couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"Mom, they really should put some clothes on those gorillas. Because you can see their butts!"

I sorta giggled, hoping his comment would pass, but he continued. That child could not pass up an opportunity to use the word BUTT, and butt crack, as many times as he could. And for some odd reason, he just HAD to turn to me and start every sentence about the gorilla's butt with "Mom...(then something like...see his butt. Mom, really he needs some pants on to cover that butt. Mom, it's like he's naked with his butt showing!") I just shook my head and said, "Cameron, for once, just pretend that I'm not your mom today, okay?" But he persisted, so I finally had to be a little more stern with him (okay..I yelled at him to knock it off).

But not 5 seconds had passed and this young mom with a couple kids in tow walked right up next to us and yelled, "Hey look at the Gorilla's butt!...and she too, like my son, contined to comment on this poor primates exposed rear).

And Cameron heard her say this to her kids. Needless to say, he was just excited over the moon to tell me that this lady was ALSO talking about the gorilla's butt so he shouldn't be getting in trouble.

Thankfully the rest of the trip wasn't so vulgar (since he didn't actually see the zebra's penis hanging about 18 inches below his belly and then quickly rescinding into his body somewhere....obviously I did see this rather unsual event).

My young sisters Brianna and Mykayla (actually they're my 1/2 sister's in law to be exact) did seem to enjoy their short time at the zoo. The butterfly tent was very exciting, and the tropics trail, with the bright blue frogs and the banana trees, was fun as well.
Furthermore, I managed to avoid all the rides there....which I decided was quite the accomplishment!


At 8:59 AM, Blogger LH said...

You lucked out that C didn't see the zebra!


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