Writings of a teachermom, choosing to stay home with her kids, while loathing all domestic responsibilities! In late Aug. 2008, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer. After surgery, chemo and radiation, I was given theall clear. However, in the late summer of 2008, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which metasticized to other areas.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday August 25th

The time between blogs are getting longer as Cari has become weaker over these past few weeks. So as her Mom I will be updating her blog these days. Last week Cari had 4 out 5 possible chemo treatments. When Friday came along a decision was made to not give her that last treatment as she was not progressing as hoped. Instead she was given an IV with saline and a medication which I think was an antibiotic for a possible infection. She is receiving IV infusion this week at home through home health care. Her father has also returned to spend the week to help care for her and love her through this time. A loving group from Woodland Hills Community Church also visited with our family and lifted Cari up in prayer. We were so thankful and blessed with their presence and kindness. Cari sleeps most of the time and is receiving meds for pain management. We ask that prayers be lifted to our Almighty Father that her spirit and health will be strengthened and she will feel the heartfelt loving arms of Jesus Christ through her family, friends and bloggers and that she will have peace of mind and heart during each precious day.

Wisdom 3: 1
But the souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger C said...

Thank you, Cari's mom, for posting this update. Not a day goes by that I do not think of Cari and her wonderful family. You have all been amazing during this difficult journey and have demonstrated how to face the unknown with faith, courage and love. You are all in my prayers.

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Lisa Como said...

thank you, thank you for the update. Of course I suspected that Cari was not well enough to update, so we have been thinking of and praying for all of you. We are praying for peace and comfort in the midst of such a storm.

God be with you,
Lisa and Jason Como

At 1:24 PM, Blogger JJ said...

Prayers for the entire family.

Thank you for updating us.

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating us on Cari. She has been on my mind and in my heart, and I pray for her every day. Please give her my love.
Nancy Anderson

At 1:42 PM, Blogger jkhenson said...

Thank you for posting. I have been thinking of her and wondering about her. I am still praying for her, and your family. Many hugs and prayers.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for thinking of us, keeping us informed. I know you are doing because Cari wanted you to. She always puts others first.

How are the children doing?

At 2:46 PM, Blogger momo said...

sending all our prayers heavenwards. please let her know that we are thinking and praying for her.

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. My kids and I are praying for Cari and also for your whole family---you are all amazing. What a testament to love and faith.

Jeanne (Baldwin, Dana's friend in Indiana.)

At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. Like so many, I go to Cari's blog eveery day. And when long stretches of time go in between, I know it's because she is not well. I hope that you all can find moments of peace during this time. Rest and cry and laugh and rest. And in between, rest some more. What amazing parents you have been!

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

Atlhough I know Cari only through this blog, I check every day and wish peace and comfort for her and for you, her family, who need good thoughts from all of us.

At 5:24 PM, Blogger KC said...

I am praying for your family every day. Peace and love from us.

At 6:43 PM, Blogger connie and rob said...

Remember, Cari, Peace is Flowing Like a River...we love you.

At 8:51 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for the beautiful prayer request in honor of Cari. I pray you will all abide in the peace and love that can only come from our Heavenly Father. God bless you for the loving care and devotion you have all shown toward your lovely wife and daughter.
I know her faith and courage has been an inspiration to you as well as all of us. God bless you.
Heather Glen

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying and praying and sending all of you hugs filled with strength. Much love, Dana in Canada

At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words are inadequate.
Tenderly holding all of you in prayer.

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Marsha said...

Thank you for the update, I continue to lift Cari & your whole family up in prayer. May you all be held in HIS arms and may he give you peace.

At 4:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. We continue to pray for Cari's peace and comfort. We pray as well for your whole family especially those beautiful children...

God bless all of you,
Bernice Adair

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Jaye said...

Continually praying for Cari and you all. Thank you for the update.

Love & hugs to everyone.

Jaye (Lanette's sister)

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Paula said...

Thank you for the update. I stand in humble admiration of your love and devotion to one another. I pray for peace and comfort in your lives; that prayer and God's presence may bring about a grace that will shine on you and give you strength.
Love and hugs to Cari~
Paula R.

At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating the blog. It has been a privilege to share Cari's journey through her illness. I hired Cari to teach English in South Brunswick. There is a warmth to her writing that she obviously inherited from her Mom. My prayers and thoughts are with you all as you offer her your love and support.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

Cari- I think of you many times each day, praying that healing comes to you, praying that you feel comfortable and are able to rest, praying that you are able to see and experience the love and support all around you, praying that you are seeing small joys each day, praying you feel HIS love. You are courageous, an awesome friend, a blessing to all who know and love you. I miss our weekly meetings and seeing your smiling face.

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Your sharing through your blog has taught me lessons about faith, love and family. You are an inspiriation! I wish you strenght and pray for peace and comfort for you.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

I only know Cari and your family through her blog. But, I pray for you all everyday. Your love and strength is inspiring.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Kim said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. Cari's story is one of courage and strength and I hope that she finds peace. I ask God daily to keep Cari in his sights. Your granddaughter was born the same day as my son and I pray all of your grandchildren and son-in-law feel God's presence around them as well. My heartfelt prayers,

At 12:27 PM, Blogger IrishMommy said...

Mary Beth,
God has blessed you with amazing strength and courage. Obviously those traits have been passed on to Cari. I love her so much and pray every day for her, you, Tom, Melvin and the kiddos. May God continue to bless Cari with his spirit!

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

I pray that you feel God’s loving arms holding you and that He brings you comfort and peace. I pray that He surrounds your whole family with His love and protection and I lift up thanks for giving you such wonderful people in your life to bless you and support you during this storm. He loves you Cari and He is always with you.
You’re an incredible woman, mother and friend and I’m so blessed to know you.

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Stacey Opsahl said...

I check on Cari everyday through this blog, it has been as though God's presence is shown to me through Cari's love of the lord and determination to fight the fight. I pray for all of you daily and hope that this finds you all at peace. I thank you for allowing me to be witness to the courage and strength that God has given you all in this battle. Everytime I read anything that Cari writes it makes me want to hug my kids tighter and be thankful for the life God has given me. Cari you are an insipration to us all...Blessings to you all!!

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Angela's Kitchen said...

Can't begin to express how much we love you all, praying and thinking of you constantly.

Cari, I love you so much. I feel so blessed by your friendship. I miss seeing your smiling face each week. Hope to see you soon, sweetie.


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Marta Gilbert said...


Thinking of you each and every day. You and your wonderful family are always in my prayers.


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Mz.Elle said...

Thank you so much for the update.

Cari,I've got my entire family and
circle of friends over here in BC,thinking of you and praying for you. Rest well.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Grace said...

Thank you for the update. Cari and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless,


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Cynthia Hoens said...

Thank you so much for keeping us all updated on Cari. It means so much to keep connected so how.

To Melvin---This is a message from all of your friends and collegues at Saint Peter's Univ. Hospital back here in NJ. We know it has been a long time since we have last seen/talked to you, but Mike Maurice has been nice enough to keep us all informed. As you may know, no matter where you go in this world, there is a tie that binds all of us into one big St. Peter's family. Please know that each and every one in Labor and Delivery, nurses, attendings, etc., are all praying for you and your family during this difficult time. We are never more than an email or a phone call away.

We spent 4 LONG :) years together...whatever we can do, please do not hesitate to ask. As you also know, we are open all night...(732) 745-8557 or cynthia.hoens@villanova.edu. I have been keeping all of the staff up to date on how you, Cari, the kids, and family, have been doing. So please feel free to reach out at any time.

Please give my love to Cari. The pictures and the notes certainly keep us going.

May God lift you up and hold you in His Arms

At 5:44 PM, Blogger LH said...

Cari & Co.,
You're in my thoughts.
I think of our Minnesota year so often. We loved the city and all the people we met. Meeting you was a real highlight. And of course knowing you and your family here on Undomestic has been so sweet. Much love to you my dear,

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Precious Family

The Lord bless you and keep you.
The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you.
The Lord turn his face toward you,
And give you peace.
Both now and Forevermore.

A Michigan Pastor

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Debby said...

There are so many of us. I will pray too, for Cari, and for you, as well. I am a mom. I have to say that I think that it is far easier to deal w/ my own cancer than to watch a child deal with it. My heart goes out to you. All of you.

At 7:47 PM, Blogger The Tomlin Family said...

Thank you for your updates. May your family have peace and comfort! Sending many prayers your way...

Jess Tomlin

At 3:37 PM, Blogger TJ said...

Thank you for the update. I also check her blog many times during the week. I will continue to pray for her and the entire family.

At 9:11 PM, Blogger TRUTH SHARER said...

John 14:27
"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

Thank you Mary Beth for your heart in posting here. We are all praying diligently that God will strengthen her spirit to prepare her for His completed work in her - the very fulfillment of her salvation in Jesus Christ! There is nothing better! Even though it is hard for us on the earth to grasp - heaven awaits her with open arms - not just any arms - but the very ARMS OF GOD!

We love you and are all praying with you and for you all,

Choosing JOY even in this hour,
[JESUS - For His Name's Sake]

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Thinking of you Cari, and praying for you, Melvin, the kids, and you MaryBeth. Sending you comfort and love!

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless Cari

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Caro said...

Thank you for the update. I will continue praying. Hugs to all of you.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Fantastic Four said...

Praying for you all...We are always here for all of you. If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to call at anytime! May the Lord bring you peace! Love-Traci

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cari is always in our families thoughts.

august, gwen, and the frisbie-fulton family.

At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Andrea Lundgren said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping us updated. Ever since I moved away to Texas it's the only way I can still know how my favorite family is doing. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you Cari ( and of course Melvin and the kids...). Love you lots, and you are in my thoughts and prayers. PS- tell Cari that I've been watching Project Runway with a glass of wine every week in her honor!).

Andrea Sommer Lundgren :)

At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying for Cari and the entire family.

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