Writings of a teachermom, choosing to stay home with her kids, while loathing all domestic responsibilities! In late Aug. 2008, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer. After surgery, chemo and radiation, I was given theall clear. However, in the late summer of 2008, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which metasticized to other areas.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Only X more to go.

I had my 3rd radiation treatment today.

I remember when I was running the Chicago Marathon with my friend Lanette and we reached mile 3. I had this horrible feeling of dread. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh my God, we have 23 more miles to go." The thought of running for that much longer just seemed impossible.

So I am going to try not to count down my radiation treatments each day. The end just seems too far away.

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At 8:26 AM, Blogger Ann said...

As I was lying in bed this morning, I thought of you - and I even dreaded the daily visits. For me, it isn't even the personal exposure (which I also thought about - the idea is a bit daunting), it is the appointments that rule your daily life.

Feeling for you - don't count down.

At 4:55 PM, Blogger mi said...

Well, you've already knocked out three of them. That's three less you have to do out of the whole series. Can you bring an iPod or something to focus on during treatment?

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pxPay attention to your skin. If you feel it starting to really burn...tell the radiologist. You have to stay on top of it or else it will get away from you and you'll be in pain...like a bad sunburn. It's not unbearable but it's WAY uncomfortable and you'll have to wear really loose clothing.

You will get through it. Writing about it is a VERY good way to help you through it and you've already got that covered.


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